Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Truth or Dare - Harium Martin-Morris

Director Martin-Morris is running for re-election and he has a campaign web site. Are the claims made on his campaign web site true?


  1. On his web site, Harium claims that

    Stability and continuity in your Seattle School Board is the best way assure continued progress, such as:

    ■ Refining of a predictable student assignment plan

    ■ Improving the partnership between the city and the district

    ■ Producing district and school report cards

    ■ Reducing the number of redundant and outdated school board policies

    But Director Martin-Morris and his Board colleagues have been terrible at all of these tasks.

    They haven't kept to their calendar for revising Policies. In fact, Director Martin-Morris has been one of the worst offenders as his committee, the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee has a dreadful record on Policy revisions.

    The Board had nothing to do with the District or School report cards. This is the Board that was told in December that the staff would quickly correct errors in the School Reports but hasn't said a word about them in the four months since then as nothing has been done.

    This is the board that was in place when the Mayor declared the District a dysfunctional mess.

    This is the Board that made all of the mistakes in the student assignment plan that now require correction.

  2. On his web site, Harium says that his priorities for the coming term will be:

    ■ Ensure we have the capacity to handle the enrollment growth within our district

    ■ Build the framework for the creation of schools of innovation built from our Alternative Schools

    ■ Aid in the creation of the BEX IV levy that supports our capacity needs and the need for updating of some our oldest build

    ■ Streamline board policies that allow for better enforcement and oversight

    ■ Create better and more diverse channel of communicating with our families and citizen about the work of the district

    What a crock!

    Director Martin-Morris stood idly by as the capacity management policy was violated.

    Director Martin-Morris has never lifted a finger for alternative schools. He voted for their closure, their re-location, and their division. But he has never voted or acted in support of them.

    He has a terrible record of writing policy and he has never taken any action to ever enforce any policy.

    If he wants to improve communication with the public, then why hasn't he done that over the past three years?