Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Truth or Dare - Peter Maier

Director Maier is running for re-election and he has a campaign web site. Are the claims made on his campaign web site true?


  1. I think on this and Harium's websites, I'd say the weakest claim is of "making progress" or "continued progress", as test scores don't support that. See, for example

    which shows math test scores flat or declining in most grades.

    Rather than engage on every small point they make, it might be best to keep the message simple and strong. Students have not improved under their tenure. It is time to get people in place who will focus on students and the success of students.

  2. how does someone become a candidate?

  3. John raises a good point. It might be helpful to do a post on what is necessary to be a viable candidate for Seattle School Board?

  4. All you have to do to become a candidate is register as a candidate with King County Elections.

    Because the School Board position has no salary (just a funky little stipend), there is no cost to register.

    To become a viable candidate, however, does require more.